Taiwan man invents stroller for fish to ‘discover different worlds’

Jerry Huang’s aquatic pets not often really feel like two misplaced souls swimming in a fishbowl as a result of they get to go for normal strolls.
In Taiwan’s Taichung Metropolis, Huang might be seen pushing his newest invention: a goldfish bowl on wheels. “Up to now, folks walked their canine and cats, now they take their parrots for walks, additionally snakes, lizards,” Huang, 31, informed AFP.

“Is there an opportunity for underwater creatures to discover the land above water?” he requested himself. Huang, an avid aerial drone photographer who makes a residing making content material for his YouTube channel, quickly got here up with an answer.

After spending weeks in his workshop tinkering with the design, the goldfish stroller truly got here collectively in only a few days, cobbled collectively from spare components he had mendacity round.

The space-age-looking contraption (estimated value $300-400) consists of a big, water-filled acrylic cylinder for the fish to reside in, mixed with a battery-powered filtration and oxygen system plonked on a specifically constructed trolley.

“I’ve completed a number of analysis earlier than I began making this fish tank. It’s not a spur of the second factor. It is advisable perceive fish,” he mentioned. He determined goldfish, that are hardy and never particularly scared of people, have been the perfect take a look at topics. Huang is pretty assured his goldfish benefit from the adventures.

“All of us have this urge to discover different, uninhabitable unique worlds, that’s why we ship spaceships to the universe,” he beamed.
“If I have been a goldfish, I might undoubtedly be tremendous thrilled if somebody invented a factor for me to go discover different worlds.”–AFP


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